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Everything educators need, all on one platform. Educators can create, share and save notes, quizzes, exams, and lessons from other educational professionals.

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Study Chat

Study Chat is a simple and direct way for students to contact classmates and teachers about homework, quizzes and assesments. Students can create study groups to prepare for exams and review homework assignments. Use Study Chat, not email.

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Sick day, or missed a lecture?   No problem.

Educators and individual users can share their lesson plan and content with their class period or friends. Students can log on, access the lesson plan and the content by clicking on the class they missed.

Choose TypingGenius

Save & Share Content

Share notes, lessons, lectures, exams and quizzes.

Classroom Communication

Effective communication with students and educators through Study Chat.

Constant Dedication

TypingGenius automatically assigns a branch to each district, in order to provide quality customer service and installation.

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Content Creator

Create or upload notes, lessons, lectures, exams and quizzes.

Cloud Storage

Save storage space on your school's devices by uploading content.

Intuitive Experience

Educators and students find TypingGenius intuitive, useful and captivating.

Sharing System
Sharing Content

Educators can create, share and save content. Licensed users can search and retrieve quality content created by education professionals. All content created by users is saved in the Genius Cloud, saving storage space for thousands of students, educators, schools and districts.

Rating System

TypingGenius engineers have constructed an algorithm to support a complex grading system. Educators who use the content from the Content Marketplace, rate the content out of five stars. The Star System ensures that the Marketplace is full of quality content.

Content for Students

No student can have exact recollection of a specific lesson taught in class, notably students taking multiple courses. TypingGenius has the solution. Educators create and post the lesson to their class, where students can view the lesson being taught in class. Content taught in class is accessible for students to study and review anytime, anywhere.